We are American Management of Virginia, Inc., a leading provider of community management services throughout Northern Virginia. We specialize in a wide array of community management solutions, including financial management / accounting-only assistance, full financial and physical property management, and special project services. Our extensive capabilities enable us to effectively handle the broad spectrum of community management required by both small associations and large communities.

AMV can provide Full Management for your association

American Management of Virginia, Inc. can assist your organization in multiple areas, including assessment billing, bill paying, budget assistance, RFP preparation and administration, association inspection, and violation letter mailings, to name just a few. We also provide homeowner assistance, from billing to parking to pool passes, architectural review inspections, project management, and reserve studies. In addition, we feature an advanced accounting package which allows Owners to make on-line payments, direct ACH payments, and credit card payments. This cutting-edge system also provides Board members with on-line access to their bank accounts, while enabling Homeowners to access and view their account information on-line. Further, American Management of Virginia, Inc. can provide comprehensive newsletter assistance, including publishing, editing, and mailing.

Our management team has more than 100 years of combined experience in community management in the region. They oversee a group of professional community managers who are highly-skilled at meeting diverse community management challenges. Best of all, American Management of Virginia Inc. takes pride in its exceptional service approach. Our goal is to provide superior customer support by continuously being responsive to customer needs and building successful relationships. It's what we're known for.

For Comprehensive Community Management Solutions, Contact Us Today. When you're seeking a superior resource for community management solutions, choose American Management of Virginia, Inc. We can assist you with every requirement, whether you need financial management assistance, full management, or special project services.

AMV can provide Finanacial Management for your association

American Management of Virginia, Inc. offers an array of financial management services which are essential for successful community association management. Our services include assessment billing, bill paying, and budget preparation assistance. We also provide assistance with RFP preparation and administration, and bid procurement. Further, American Management of Virginia can conduct association mailings to coincide with billing cycles to keep postage at a minimum.

With American Management of Virginia, Inc., you will have access to a highly experienced management team with more than 100 years of combined industry experience. You will also benefit from unparalleled customer service and support provided by our top-notch professionals - experts who are highly-skilled in community association financial services.

Simply put, if you are looking for a resource to handle only the accounting requirement of your organization, American Management of Virginia Inc. offers the complete solution.

Contact us today to learn more about our financial management services for community management associations.

  Benefit From Our Complete Financial Management Solutions:
  • Assessment Billing
  • Bill Paying (Accounts Payable)
  • Budget Preparation Assistance
  • Assistance with RFP Preparation and Administration, and Bid Procurement (Optional Pricing)
  • Association Mailings to Coincide with Billing Cycles -- To Keep Postage at a Minimum

AMV can provide Full Management for your association

For community associations that require comprehensive management services, American Management of Virginia, Inc. features full management capabilities which include our financial management option along with everything else necessary for managing a community association. Our comprehensive services include homeowner assistance, from billing to parking to pool passes. We will also conduct association annual inspections, and coordinate violation letter mailings and hearing attendance for violation issues.

In addition, American Management of Virginia, Inc. provides contract supervision of the communities' landscaping, pool, janitorial services, and general maintenance contracts. We offer assistance with rules and regulations, and can assist you in creating and enforcing procedures for your association. Further, American Management of Virginia can prepare various strategies for resident communications, including website, Welcome Book and move-in programs, and newsletter preparation, advertising coordination, and administration.

With our expert professional staff and over a century of community management experience, American Management of Virginia, Inc. will ensure that your community operates smoothly and efficiently.

To learn more about our full management capabilities for community associations, contact us today.

AMV can provide Full Management for your association

  Access Our Comprehensive Full Management Services:
  • Includes Financial Management Package Plus Annual Association Inspections
  • Assist in Rules and Regulations Creation and Enforcement
  • Violation Letter Mailings and Administration
  • Hearing Attendance for Violation Issues
  • Homeowner Assistance: Billing, Parking, Pool Passes, Emergency Service, General Information
  • Newsletter Development: Publishing, Editing, Mailing (Optional Pricing)
  • Contract Supervision
  • Assist with Builder / Developer Transition
  • Maintain 24/7 Answering Service
  • Strategy for Resident Communications, Including Newsletters, Websites, Welcome Book and Move-in Programs

AMV can provide Full Management for your association

American Management of Virginia, Inc. offers a wide range of special project services for every community management requirement. Our services include amenities reserve assessments and analysis. We also conduct architectural review inspections for communities that require a baseline assessment for the complete community.

Further, American Management of Virginia, Inc. provides project management, project assessment, and administration of service contracts. Whether your community is implementing a small or large construction project, we can provide professional project supervision to ensure efficiency and optimal productivity. We will assist with bid specifications as well as requesting bid proposals, proposal evaluation, and comparison analysis as directed by the Board of Directors. We can even oversee on-site custodial personnel and maintain a 24/7 answering service, 365 days a year.

American Management of Virginia, Inc. can schedule building maintenance inspections and create and implement preventative maintenance programs.

AMV can provide Full Management for your association

Led by our experienced Special Project Coordinator, American Management of Virginia's professionals are ready to successfully handle whatever challenges may arise within your community.

  Rely On Our Diverse Special Project Assistance:
  • Reserve Studies
  • Comprehensive Community Evaluations
  • Project Management / Project Assessment
  • Large or Small Construction Project Supervision
  • Bid Specification Preparation and Administration
  • Requesting Bid Proposals as Directed by the Board of Directors
  • Oversee On-site Custodial Personnel

CONGRATULATIONS on the sale of your property! Below are instructions to order either a VA disclosure packet (HOAs) or a VA Resale Certificate (Condos).

  • If you are realtor registered with an account at www.CondoCerts.com, please log in with your user name and password.

If you are a homeowner selling your unit, or have not ever registered for an account, please click the link to Order Resale Packet, which provides these instructions:

  • this is your first time using CondoCerts, you will need to Register for an account. Go to the blue "REGISTER” button on the left side of the page (directly under the “SIGN IN” button). Complete the Information sections requested, Agree to the Terms of Use and CONTINUE. YOU WILL NEED TO REMEMBER YOUR LOGIN AND YOUR PASSWORD!
Once registered:
  • Click On “Place Your Order Now”.
  • Enter the state (Virginia) and the name of the association, Click CONTINUE.
  • This should bring up your association, (or if more than one, Select your community), Click on your Community’s name.
  • Select "SALE"; Click on CONTINUE
  • Under “Standard Products Available” , select “Virginia Disclosure Package/Resale Certificate” (first option); Scroll down and Click on NEXT
  • Complete the Property Information with Current Owner (the Seller) and Buyer Information. Areas marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled in; if the info is unknown, you may enter “unknown”, “tbd”, “123” etc.
  • NEXT
  • Next area will provide options (rush processing is additional $58.69; hard copy is additional $29.34). Electronic files are standard /default ($264.08) unless other options are selected.
  • If choosing Hard Copy, complete the section of to whom the packet is to be sent. Click NEXT
  • New page will show Order Summary, and allow you to make changes to the order.
  • Click on PLACE ORDER.
  • You may SHARE the order and indicate email addresses which will receive an email from Info@CondoCerts.com when you place the order (i.e Buyer/their Agent). That email will have a link to access the disclosure packet files once the order has been completed. PLEASE TELL THE BUYER/THEIR REALTOR TO RETAIN THAT EMAIL, AS THE LINK IN THE EMAIL WILL ALLOW ACCESS TO THE DOCUMENTS/RESALE PACKET FILES ONCE THE ORDER IS COMPLETED!!!
  • Per Virginia Statutes (Sect. 55-509.6D and 55-79.97.1B6) fees are deferred to closing. Additionally, all fees and costs for the resale packet/certificate shall be the personal obligation of the owner and shall be an assessment against the unit and collectible as any other assessment if not paid at settlement or within 60 days of completion of packet, whichever occurs first. Be sure to have your settlement company contact us for account and packet information after you have placed the order!
CUSTOMER SERVICE AT 1-800-310-6552!

Once you submit your order, we are allowed up to 14 calendar days to complete the order. RUSH processing is at the option of management, and we are allowed 5 business days to complete the order. Should you opt for RUSH processing AND Hard Copy, please understand that you will have access to your electronic files within the 5 business days and may review and download those files, however it will take additional time for CondoCerts to print and mail the packet and for the post office to deliver to you. You will be notified via email should management be unable to accommodate rush processing.

Once AMV has completed your order, you will receive an email from CondoCerts letting you know that your packet has been updated. Any email addresses you included in your Distribution Option list will then be able to access the packet files from the link in that original email from CondoCerts when the order was placed (see above). If you did not include the buyer or their agent’s emails, you will need to retrieve and provide those document files to them. If you do not have that original email, you may also log in to your CondoCerts account with your log in and password and access your order.

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